Festive Glowing Garden Structures at Styer's


The holiday season is in full swing and as we shared earlier this month, we’ve decked the halls at each of our stores with merry and bright installations. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our illuminated garden structures at Styer’s and are sharing a few of our favorites with you here.

Garden structures wrapped in glowing light strands provide a cheerful counterpoint to the darkness that accompany long winter nights. These grand beacons invite us to linger outdoors on even the coldest evenings and offer a warm welcome to guests at all times of the day. Here, iron tuteurs are filled with wild honeysuckle vine and topped with strands of LED globe lights that transforms the stately structure into a dramatic installation. We've even developed an exclusive Stargazer Fairground Socket Strand that places the bulbs just six inches apart, making them perfect for decorating structures. To outline a structure in lights at home, use metal cable ties and trim each tie with metal snips to fit around the frame of the structure. Then use the bands to secure the light cord. The key is keeping the strands flat and taut so they stay upright!

And while they may be small in size, micro lights like our Stargazer Copper Twine Lights can still make a huge impact on your outdoor spaces during the holidays. Permanent garden structures and displays like this grated iron gate and oversized outdoor container are obvious choices for strands of tiny twinkling lights. Foraged elements like bare twigs, evergreen boughs or berry branches add texture and height, adding a sculptural element to your glowing outdoor display.

Feeling inspired? Be sure to stop by your local terrain store to see these magical displays come to life!

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